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HeatWrap™ The Heated Wrap Blanket

HeatWrap™ The Heated Wrap Blanket

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Stay warm wherever you are!

🌟 Stylish and versatile

💪 Robust and safe

🎁 Perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones

Immerse yourself in warmth and coziness!

Experience ultimate comfort and coziness with our Heated Cape Blanket. This innovative blanket is your ideal companion for any occasion , be it camping, traveling, in the office, at home or during outdoor activities. Discover and enjoy the perfect blend of warmth, comfort and versatility .

Wireless warmth for on the go:

No more annoying connection to sockets! Our Heated Cape Blanket is powered by a power bank , giving you the freedom to take warmth with you wherever you go. (Note: Power bank not included.)

Targeted precision heating:

Forget uneven heat. Our electric blanket features a larger heating panel that covers your back, as well as four additional heating panels on the chest and waist to warm you up quickly .

Three heat levels:

Adjust the temperature to your needs. With three adjustable temperature levels (Red Light: 60°C; White Light: 50°C; Blue Light: 40°C) you have full control over your heat .

Comfortable and easy to care for:

Our 150 x 85 cm electric blanket is made from soft coral fleece and is incredibly soft and cozy. It is also machine washable (please remove the portable charger before washing).

Versatile For Any Environment:

Whether you're at home, in the office, in the car or camping, this electric blanket is the perfect gift for anyone who wants warmth and relaxation. Thanks to the universal USB connection, it can be connected to any USB port, guaranteeing maximum convenience.

Frequently asked Questions:

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping for a limited time.

How does the heated blanket work?

The Heated Cape Blanket is powered by a USB port and features heating panels that warm up quickly. You can adjust the temperature as needed to achieve the desired warmth.

Is the Heated Cape Blanket Safe?

Yes, the blanket has multiple safety features including temperature control, overheat protection and short circuit protection to ensure your safety.

How long does the battery last if I use a power bank?

Battery life depends on the capacity of your power bank. Typically, a higher capacity power bank offers longer usage time. However, most power banks provide enough power to run the blanket for hours.

Can I wash the Heated Cape Blanket?

Yes, the blanket is machine washable. However, it is important to remove the portable charger before washing and follow the care instructions provided.

How big is the ceiling?

The heated blanket has a size of 150 cm x 85 cm, which provides enough space to snuggle up and stay warm.

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