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IPL laser hair remover

IPL laser hair remover

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💜 Guaranteed Removal Of Unwanted Hair

✅️ Removes the hair from the hair root

✨️ 100% Pain Free And Gentle

🍑 Latest IPL technology for permanently smooth skin

Revolutionary IPL hair removal for smoothness and comfort at home

Say goodbye to annoying , unwanted hair and hello to smooth , hair-free skin , from the comfort of your own home ! Our IPL laser hair remover offers you a revolutionary solution for permanent hair removal . No more expensive salon visits and annoying shaving - discover the future of hair removal!

✅️ Efficient IPL technology :

Uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to interrupt the hair regrowth cycle and achieve long-lasting results.

✅️ Skin-friendly and pain-free :

Remove hair without pain and without damaging your skin for a comfortable hair removal experience.

✅️ Skin compatibility at a glance :

The integrated skin sensor ensures that your skin is optimally protected while you remove unwanted hair.

✅️ Individual customization :

Choose from 5 different light intensity levels to adapt the treatment to your skin type and achieve optimal results.

✅️ Versatile and user-friendly :

With two convenient flashing modes - manual for small areas and automatic for larger areas - this device is extremely versatile and easy to use so you can treat any area of ​​your body.

Included in the package:

1*Hair removal device, 1*Adapter, 1*Manual+Sunglasses+Razor
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We answer your questions 💜

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping for a limited time.

How does the IPL hair removal device work?

The IPL hair removal device emits intense pulses of light that penetrate the hair follicle and damage it with heat. This reduces hair growth and stops it in the long term. Multiple treatments are necessary because not all hair grows at the same time

How is it applied?

The application takes place in 3 simple steps:

1) Plug the cable into the device and press the green button

2) Select strength with the green button

3) Press the large button to fire the flash

Is IPL hair removal painless?

Yes, IPL hair removal is often perceived as less painful compared to other methods, but it may cause a slight tingling or warm feeling.

How long does a hair removal treatment with this device take?

The duration of an IPL hair removal treatment depends on the area of ​​the body being treated. Smaller areas like armpits can take around 5-10 minutes, while larger areas like legs can take up to 15 minutes or longer. Multiple sessions over weeks or months are usually required.

When will I see the first results?

The first results appear very quickly. On average you need 4 applications to see the first results. There will be a visible difference, your skin will be softer and your hair will grow back much less.

Is the device suitable for all skin colors?

Yes, the device can be used on all skin tones without any problems, except for very dark skin.