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Self-warming socks

Self-warming socks

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A size 38-45

Are you tired of having cold feet in winter?

Do you suffer from the annoying effects of cold , such as colds and poor circulation? We have the solution for you! Discover our self-heating socks, specially designed to keep your feet warm and increase your well-being.

Self-heating technology:

Our self-heating socks are equipped with groundbreaking technology that will make you forget about your cold feet on the coldest days of winter. Thanks to the innovative self-heating Tumalin technology, our socks generate heat. They also store your body heat and transfer it back to your feet, so you always feel warm and cozy.

Improved blood circulation:

The integrated magnets in our socks are not just an additional feature - they also improve blood circulation in your feet and contribute to your general well-being . Made from high quality polyester cotton, these socks are soft, comfortable and durable. The breathable material ensures maximum comfort, whether you are active outside or indoors.

Perfect For All Activities:

These socks are versatile and perfect for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking and more. But you will also appreciate the soothing warmth and protection against colds in everyday life , be it at work or at home . Order today and enjoy warm feet that not only warm your body , but also increase your well-being .

Frequently asked Questions:

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping for a limited time.

How do the tourmaline health socks work?

The socks use tourmaline infrared heat and integrated magnets to specifically relieve pain, promote blood circulation and reduce water retention.

What complaints are the socks suitable for?

The Tourmaline Health Socks are designed for back pain, swelling, varicose veins and poor circulation to offer a holistic solution.

How do the socks contribute to metabolic activation?

By specifically stimulating the metabolism, the socks not only promote pain relief, but also support a healthy metabolism and offer the opportunity for weight loss.

How often should I wear the socks to see results?

The socks are designed to be worn all day long. For optimal results, we recommend wearing them regularly.

Can the socks be cleaned in the washing machine?

Yes, the socks can be cleaned in the washing machine like conventional socks.

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